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The Company has been operating in Pakistan covering wide range of activities mainly in Barcode Accessories.



In addition to the above-mentioned highly professional local personnel, BUSINESS TECH INTERNATIONAL also has at its panel a number of local Consultants in various fields of Barcode Services. BUSINESS TECH INTERNATIONAL acquires the services of these Consultants on Project to Project basis, depending on the size of the project and requirements of the customers.

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A label is your product’s principal source of identification and presentation. It needs to not only inform, but also attract and invite the attention of your targeted user. Label must create a shelf appeal that helps to sell your product. We have to deliver such quality products and excellent service we encourage our clients, and regularly consider their interest to stay current on market trends and demand. It’s part of our commitment to your success.

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Our systems are dedicated to the continous improvement of innovative high quality lables, labeling systems, solutions and services that exceeds our customer satisfaction.